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So I'm Doing Videos Now

About a year ago now, my organization's Director of Media and I went to lunch to talk about how to join forces between the Content and newly created Media departments. I'd been writing for a while, and in the course of the conversation we decided to take some of my articles and make videos out of them.

One year later, we've managed to fit the script-writing, filming, and editing into all of our busy schedules, even after I moved 850 miles away, and we have successfully created The "Lazy" Millennial series.

So two weeks ago I flew back down to Atlanta, arrived in 96% humidity which was totally gross, and we filmed all six episodes in four days. Was it insane? You have no idea. But I worked donuts into the shoot so it was all good.

We're releasing them once a month, on the last Thursday of the month, through March. They won't all be seasonal like this one, but we figured, start with a holiday. People like holidays. So here is our very first episode of our long-ago conceived, newly created series. If it's too political for you, worry not, the rest are lighter. No more donuts though, sadly.

#Video #LazyMillennial #Halloween #PoliticalCorrectness #CulturalAppropriation #Culture

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