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Criminals Can Build Effective Roads, but Government Can't?

You know who’s not efficient or cost-effective? Government.

You know who is?


The public- and profit-minded entrepreneurs of the black market in Belarussia have taken it upon themselves to improve business by improving their means of transportation. They adopted a gravel road leading from Moscow to Belarussia’s capital, Minsk, raised the road, widened it, and added more turning points to increase access for their heavy goods trucks (fruit weighs a lot). The secret project was quickly rewarded with heightened traffic and an eventual government takeover, complete with customs.

If illegal black market businessmen can successfully build a road under the table, imagine what legitimate businessmen could build out in the open.

Additionally, these criminal-construction workers must have known that their project would eventually be discovered and taken over by the government. You cannot build a road connecting two countries’ capitals and expect it to stay secret. So these smugglers must have been able to build a road in such a timely and cost-efficient manner that it would be profitable in the short time between construction and government takeover.

There is no way a government could build a road so effectively.

A version of this article first appeared at FEE.

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