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*ahem* Intro

Due to chronic pressure from external forces, I have decided to succumb and create this blog.

I should probably explain.

First of all, the title does not apply to you. It applies to the subject matter that will eventually fill the blog. So don’t be offended. Laugh at the posts instead. Most will be trying to be witty, or at least just funny. Some will probably be serious, but only some. Hopefully the state of our culture doesn’t get so bad that I can’t find something funny in it anymore.

And now the actual blog part:

I’ve always been a bit of a social critic [read: I’m cynical]. Over the past few months I’ve been taking my somewhat sarcastic worldview and applying it to events in the world, people’s antics, poems, movies, and song lyrics, and putting it all on paper. I showed a few of these to some friends and family, and they gave me higher praise than I had given the victims of said writings. Which was a relief. Some of them even suggested I make a blog. And then they wouldn’t stop suggesting it. And then I started thinking it might be kind of fun. And then the thought wouldn’t go away.

So here I am, entering the blogging world after working up the courage to actually do it. Posts will probably be sporadic, depending on class papers and tests. I tend to be more sarcastic when I have a lot to do. Which in this case means I am more inspired. It’s also when I start thinking of all the important things I haven’t done in a while—calling home, organizing my stuff, organizing my roommate’s stuff (which she thankfully never minds) since my stuff wasn’t enough to distract me, organizing everything else in the apartment because her stuff wasn’t enough either, figuring out what to do with my life when I graduate, having an internal crisis when I realize I have absolutely no idea what to do, taking a nap, baking cookies, blogging. So when Term Paper Due Dates and Finals Week start coming up, that’s when you should start expecting a post.

Here we go.

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